Surendranath Dwivedy an interpid

Freedom fighter, veteran parliamentarian is known to his countless fans and followers as a multi ascated personality who has left his foot print on various fields. A versatile generous as he was his contribution to various fields like freedom struggle, politics, journalism, trade unionism and above all to literature is remarkable.

Born in a small hamlet named Khandasahi in the undivided district of Cuttack on 11th February 1913. Surendranath on his early schooling at Asureswar. Later on he joined Ravenshaw Collegiate School for higher education. During his schooling days at Cuttack he was influenced by the teaching of Rmakrushna Paramhansh later on the Gandhian impact on him strengthened his conviction to lead an honest, truthful and transparent life.

In 1930 he left his study to join a Civil Disobedience Movement and became a full-fledged Satyagrahi. For his participation in Salt Satyagraha he was imprisoned in the Hazaribag jail and on his release from the jail he did not rejoin the school and became an vowed freedom fighter and social activist. He threw off his sacred thread symbolizing his brahmical identity and took a vow not to marry till India becomes independent. He sticked to his vow and got married to Gayatri Devi, a product of Gurukul Aryakanya Vidyalaya at Kangra without priest and sacred thread. His married life however was short and his wife breathed his last in September 1950.Therefafter he never thought of remarriage and was married rather to politics and social services. An analysis of his works and achievements in various fields will be a befitting tribute to the immortal soul of this late lamented leader.

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