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  • PSP's Finest Hour in the Lok Sabha: Role during the China-India War, by Surendranath Dwivedy.
  • Readings in the Indian parliamentary opposition, Volume 1, by D. Sundar Ram. Kanishka Publishers, 1996.
  • Community Development Movement defects and deficiencies, by SURENDRANATH DWIVEDY.
  • Ministry of Community Development and Cooperation.1965.Kurukshetra: an open forum on community development, Volume 14
  • The Odisha affair and the C.B.I. inquiry, by Surendranath Dwivedy. 1965-152 pages.
  • Political corruption in India, by Surendranath Dwivedy, G. S. Bhargava. Popular Book Services, Bombay, 1967-180 pages. Foreword, by Acharya Kripalani. Contents: Price of Progress; Political Roots; Illicit Glamour; Cost of Corruption; Jeep Scandal; The Mudgal Episode; Mundhra Deals; Kairon Case; Odisha Charges; Kerala Rice Inquiry; Serajuddin Affair.
  • Why Praja Socialist? by Narayana Ganesa Gore, Surendranath Dwivedy. Popular Prakashan, 1968-47 pages.
  • Quest for socialism: fifty years of struggle in India, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Radiant, 1984-373 pages. This book is considered to be the first complete account of the Indian socialist movement tracing its growth.
  • THE RESERVATION AND AFTER, by Surendranath Dwivedy. No doubt the Anti-reservation stir had taken an ugly shape and concomitant with it the violence, caste war and communal tension have put a slur upon the good name of Gandhi's Gujarat. Vision, Volume 4, Issue 1-Volume 5, Issue 1.Institute of Economic & Social Studies (Bhubaneswar, India).The Institute, 1984.
  • Socialism in India In Retrospect, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Janata, Volume 44.Socialist Party (India).1989.
  • A Leader in his own right, by Surendranath Dwivedy. A long twenty-two years have elapsed. Acharya Narendra Deva passed away on 10 February 1956 at 6 in the evening in the city of Erode in the then State of Madras. All of us felt as if we had lost our soul. Acharya Narendra Deva commemoration volume, Narendra Deva. Centre of Applied Politics, 1978-394 pages.
  • 'Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia-The Great Socialist' by Surendranath Dwivedy. Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia was a comrade and leader. We worked together in the socialist movement for more than three decades. Dr Rammanohar Lohia, A Monograph on Great Socialist leader, by Parliament. Lok Sabha. Secretariat.1990-110 pages.
  • SM, A GREAT PATRlOT, by Surendranath Dwivedy. S.M. Joshi. Commemorative volume for Shreedhar Mahadev Joshi, 1904-1989. Indian politician and social activist; comprises contributed articles on his life and work. India. Parliament. Lok Sabha Secretariat, 1992-121 pages.
  • Untold story of August revolution, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Ajanta, 1993-171 pages. An interesting narrative of Quit India Movement during participated and was sentenced to six years' rigorous imprisonment in Odisha Conspiracy Case. Page 34 of 63
  • Away from dust and din: memoirs of a governor, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Ajanta, 1995-90 pages. Experiences of the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, India, 1991-1993, and his comments on the role of a governor in India.
  • Thoughts on Gandhi and social change, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, 1995-25 pages. Gandhi, Secularism and Economics, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Khadi gramodyog, Volume 42, India. All India Khadi and Village Industries Board and Khadi & Village Industries Commission., 1995.
  • The Record Centre, Bhubaneswar accessioned an unpublished manuscript entitled "Gandhi for the New Millennium" by Dr. Surendranath Dwivedy, ex-Governor of Arunachal Pradesh. Annual report of the National Archives of India. The Archives, 2001

Books by Surendranath Dwivedy in Odia
In Odia; Translations of

  • Political Corruption in India
  • Glimpses of World History
  • Autobiography of Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Short History of the National Movement and History of the Indian National Congress
  • Asia on the Path of Socialism.
  • Mo jibana sangrama, 1934 ru 1984:
  • Arddhasatabdira samajabadi andolanara kahani, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Grantha Mandira, 1984-445 pages.
  • Autobiography of an Indian freedom fighter and parliamentarian; chiefly about his involvement in the socialist movement in India, 1934-1984.
  • Bandira bhabana, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Lokaseba Pustakaḷaya, 1990-38 pages. Reflections on the freedom movement of India; poems written in Koraput Jail, 1944
  • Sraddhanjali: Nabakrishna Caudhurika uddesyare. Nabakrshna Caudhuri, Surendranath Dwivedy. Bastia Memoriala Trashta, 1984-144 pages. Commemoration volume for Nabakrshna Caudhura, 1901-1984, Indian freedom fighter and statesman from Odisha; comprises articles and reminiscences.
  • Karagarara kahani, by Surendranath Dwivedy, by Sri Durga Pablikesanas, 1987-180 pages.
  • Rajaniti-bichara, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Nālandā, 1987-384 pages. Articles on current national politics and reminiscences on the Indian freedom struggle in Odisha.
  • Agashta bipḷaba; mo jibanara eka adhyaya by Surendranath Dwivedy. Five editions published between 1972 and 1990 in Odia.271 pages.
  • Jayaprakasanka jayayatra by Surendranath Dwivedy. Published in 1977 in Odia.
  • Svaadhinataa purbara Kangresa, 1885-1946, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Published in 1992 in Odia. Bhagabana Panda, Odisha (India). Directorate of Culture. Samskrti Nirdesalaya, Odisha, 1992-94 pages.
  • History of the Indian National Congress.
  • Rajabhabanaru hastalipi, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Bidyapuri, 1993 - 116 pages. On Arunachal Pradesh; views expressed by its governor on various aspects, featured in Prajatantra, Odia daily, in 1991.Published in 1993 in Odia. Page 35 of 63
  • Smriti samparka, by Surendranath Dwivedy, Gorachanda Mishra, Ramakanta Rauta. Oḍisha Buka Shṭora, 1996-260 pages. First part comprises articles on Indian and Odishan politics; the second part comprises memoirs about friends and associates of the author, a nationalist and the statesman.
  • Kahara-anubhuti: svadhinatara subarṇṇa jayanti abasarare prakasita, by Surendranath Dwivedy. Odisha Buk Shṭora, 1997-122pages.Prison experiences of a veteran Odia freedom fighter, socialist leader and nationalist.
  • Jaṇe rajyapaḷara anubhuti : purbatana Aruṇanchala rajyapaḷanka spashtokti by Surendranath Dwivedy. Published in 1997 in Odia. On Arunachal Pradesh; views expressed by its governor on various aspects, featured in Prajatantra, Odia daily, in 1991.


  • Surendranath Dwivedy: relentless crusader, by Surendranath Dwivedy, Ananta Charan Sahu, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1995-251 pages.
  • Festschrift honoring Surendranath Dwivedy, b. 1913, Indian freedom fighter and parliamentarian; comprises articles on his life and times.
  • Dwivedi jayanti grantha, Surendranath Dwivedy, Surendranatha Dwivedy Phaundesana.1988-105 pages. Festschrift honoring Surendranath Dwivedy, b. 1913, Indian freedom fighter and parliamentarian, on his 76th birthday; comprises reminiscences by his associates on his life and times.
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