Contribution of Sri Dwivedy

Sj Dwivedy was also a pioneer of Trade Union Movements in Odisha. The Utkal Congress Samyabadi Karmi Sangha formed in 1933 o which he was a prominent member observed the May Day for the first time in Odisha on 1st May 1933 at Cuttack. As Odisha was industrially backward. There was no scope for Trade Union Movement till the end of Second World War. After the Second World War a large nuber of industries both small nd large were established in different parts of Odisha. The biggest of all these was Orient Paper Mill at Brajarjnagar which employed 1500 permanent , 1000 temporary and 3000 persons engaged in extracting and transporting bamboo from the forest. Though most of the labourers were Odia but there was hardly any Odia in the higher administrative and technical staff. The pitiable plight of the illiterate Odia working class community and their exploitation at hands of Sardars and supervisors and Thikadas roused Sri Dwivedy into action and he became active in organizing Trade Unions in different mines and factories. Under his guidance Sri Biswanath Pandit set up the Sweepers Union t Cuttack and Sri Banka Bihary Das formed the Cuttacks Motors Workers Union which was inaugurated by Sj V.V.Giri, the president of All India Railway Workers Union. Sri Dwivedy also deputed Rabindra Mohan Das and Ravi Ghosh to organize the Mine workers at Talcher Coal Field and Talcher Coalfield Workers Union took birth on 22nd June 1946.Rapid industrialization in post independent period demanded the formation of more units of Trade Unions. Under the leadership of Sri Dwivedy young socialist like Dhuliswar Bastia , Rajkishore Samantrai, Nishamani Khuntia , Samarendra Kundu . Kishore Chandra Patra , Akulananda Behera, Sahadeb Mishra and Bhagabat Behera came forward to organize Trade Unions.

Following Nasik Conference and formation of Socialist Party independent of Congress Hind Mazdoor Sabha was formed in 1948 as the apex organisation at national level. Sri Dwivedy was a prominent member of this apex organization. The Hind Mazdoor Sabha invigorated labour movement and trade unions were formed in the growing industrial sector like Choudwar, BrajarajNagar, Rajgangpur and Rourkela. Sri Dwivedy was the guiding spirit behind the formation of all these Trade Unions

Sri Dwivedy in this way was the pioneer in organizing an illiterate labour mass into a mighty force to be recorded with. The benefit enjoyed by the present workers and basically the fruit of tireless efforts of Sri Dwivedy.

A school dropped out from class-X sri Dwivedy was a self taught man. Wide range of readings and Political experience transformed him in to erudite scholar. He made his entry in to the field on literature in early forties. When he wrote three books for the children. These three works entitled SISHU KATHA,BICHITRA PATHA and GALPA SAGAR brought him a lot of frame as a literature. During his prison days he translated the auto-biogaphy of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru and his glimpse of world history in to Odia. These monumental masterpieces of Nehru were respectably published in 1947 and 1948. His another work entitled SWADHINTA PURBARA CNGRESS TOO WAS PUBLISHED IN 1946.

Sri Dwivedy was equally noted for his command over English language. In November 1958 when he was a reception in the House of Commons in London as a leader of Praja Socialist Party he surprised the British member of parliament by misty over communication English. Later on he became a correspondent of an English News paper THE NATIONAL HERALD AND UP and proved to be a very good writer in English. His book POLITICAL CURRUPTION IN INDIA published in 1966 had created commotion both in the literary and political circle. His other English works include CBI enquiry -1967, his autobiography entitled quest for socialism-1984, untold story on August Revolution published in 1993. His last English work entitled away from dust and din which was virtually his memoir as the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh was published in 1995.

He has to his credit a number of Odia works which brought for him fame as a great literaturer. His Odia works includes a number of titles like SWADHINATA PURBAR CONGRESS-1946, AUGUST BIPLAB -1972,JAYAPRKASHANK JAYAJATRA -1977,RAJANITI BICHAR-1985,KARAGARAR KAHANI-1987, ACHARYA NARENDRA DEB-1987, SAMAJ MANTHANAR DHARA-1989BANDIRA BHABANA-1989, LOUHA PARADA KHOLIGALA-1992, RJABHABANARU HASTALIPI-1992.His memoir in Odia titled under the capston MO JEEVAN SANGRAM PUBLISHED IN 1984. Unfolds the untold story of socialist movements bith in India and Odisha . For his contributions to the field of literature he received the Odisha Sahitya Academy Award in 1992.He too ws felicitated by the Sambalpur University with honourry Doctorate degree in 1998 for his life time contribution to the field of literature and for his valiant role in freedom struggle.He was a rare politician who was equally known for his tremendous law in literature.

Jana Sanskruti Sngha, the cultural wing of the socialist party was basically the brain child o Sri Dwivedy. This cultural wing of the party formed in 1947 to desiminate socialist ideology among the people through dance,drama and other cultural outfits. Poets and playwrights and cultural activists like Sarada Prasanna Nayak, Babulal Joshi were associated with this organization. The play August Naw written by famous playwrightManoranjan Das was staged by the Jana Sanskruti Sangha in the month of July 1947 at Arnapurna Theatre of Cuttack. This successful play created a commotion in the literary and cultural circles of Oisha for its pro-people stand.This Jana Sanskruti Sangha later on became the stepping stone for the evolution of Kalavikash Kendra towards in 1952-53. Srin Dwivedy was one of the founer members of this front line cultural organization of Odisha which in the days to come produced artist on ntional and international in the fields of dance,music,drama and film.

Sri Dwivedy in true sense was a versatile genious.Except sports hardly we find in other field which has not been enriched by the glowing contribution of Sri Dwivedy.

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